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What is a design?

A design is a title to industrial property, providing protection that applies to the appearance of a product, in full or in part, characterised in particular by its lines, its contours, its colours, its shape, its texture and/or its materials. It confers on its owner, creator or company, exclusive rights for a period of 5 years (renewable 4 times) and in a given territory.

How are these rights acquired?

Before filing a design, it is advisable to perform a prior art search in order to make sure that it is novel and possesses individual character.

GPI & Associés is listed as Registered Design Representative before French (INPI), International (WIPO), European (UEIPO) and German (DPMA) Offices. GPI & Associés can also directly represent applicant before the Swiss (IGE) and Spanish (OEPM) Offices.

GPI & Associés assists you in filing your design while advising you on a filing strategy depending on your policy for developing your product.
Our Firm handles prosecution of registration procedures and informs you of notifications from Design Offices worldwide.

GPI & Associés then keeps track of your files and rigorously manages your rights, in particular with regard to the main deadlines for renewal.

Defending your rights

As with patents and trademarks, GPI & Associés accompanies you during opposition proceedings before the Offices and assists you in defending your rights.

The Firm supports you in setting up valuation and operating strategies of your rights, and assists you in contractual matters.